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Introducing Shivaji Inter College

Shivaji Inter College promises to deliver quality education with an emphasis on a deep rooted value system. Here, Our education is aimed at nurturing the children's intellect and supporting their emotional, moral and spiritual well-being. The tried, trusted and tested teaching methodology of Shivaji for comptetion level benchmarking is now available to you via best technology and experts.

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A Glimpse Of SHIVAJI

Shivaji Inter College Based on the firm determination of the Chhatrapati Shivaji. Being influenced their ideas and thoughts, the founder Late Shiv Kumar Sachan (BABAJI) determined to nourish the excellent views related to learning method, With the result of tireless efforts of BABAJI and co-operations of school members, the modern generation is getting progress day by day. The feeling flag on the grand multi-storey building are the symbol of discipline, synthesis of religions, national unity, truth and non-violence.

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